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Design Creative Solutions - Consultancy


Katalyze is passionate about initiatives that have breakthrough creative potential with a focus on social impact. We enable human-inspired design via design thinking consultations. We provide tailor-made consulting services for organizations to develop their powerful ideas and convert them into sustainable actions that lead to long term social change. We provide human centred design tools that enable sustainable and ethical solutions.

We develop strategies that help the organization's goals shine while keeping the business viability, operational feasibility and market desirability at the heart of our mission. Our offerings include:

  • Digital and Business Innovation

  • Human Centered Design - Design Thinking and Lean Methodology

  • Project and Program Management

  • Stakeholder Engagements

The world is in constant flux. Organizations and individuals who adapt to the rapid pace of transformation can grow and use the change to their benefit. Our aim is to generate tailor-made tools that provide these entities with the essential keys for success:

  • Ideation and Brainstorming skills

  • Prototyping Methods

  • Brand Research and Implementation

  • Overall Support

Creative Offerings

  • Vision

  • Potential

  • Design

  • Creation

  • Implementation

Generated Solutions

  • Creativity Diagnostic

  • Design Research

  • Implemenation Roadmap


Enable Creative Potential - Training

Experimental design-thinking trainings and creative leadership advisory services. Katalyze loves moving from insight to execution of creative initiatives. Thus,  we design and provide training solutions to boost individual and team potential as well as create new skills. People create stories, people change the world and we empower them to do so.

We support people, so they can have the tools to accelerate the change in their organization. Our enabling hub offers:

  • Human-Inspired Design

  • Design Thinking Workshops

  • Lean Methodology Workshops

  • Business Model Innovation

The aim is to generate tailor-made tools that provides your organizations with the essential keys for their success from human-inspired approaches:

  • Empathy

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping

  • Iteration

  • Implementation


Enabling Hub

  • Design Thinking

  • Lean Methodology

  • Business Innovation

Generated Takeaways

  • Empathy Mapping Skills

  • Ideation Skills

  • Prototyping Solutions

  • Iteration Approaches

  • Actionable Implementation Plans

  • Post Training Support

Amplify Creative Experiences - Events


Katalyze sparks innovative and collaborative frameworks with organizations to amplify creative experiences via event curation and experience missions. We create and manage small to large scale government, corporate and social events. We believe that through events we can generate innovation, connect people, which in turn create strong communities. 

We love bringing people together to share their experiences and grow their network. That’s why we choose to host original and inventive experiences in beautiful settings.  Our experiences fall under various genres which include:

  • Roadshows and Exhibitions

  • Virtual Reality

  • Digitally Enhanced

  • Media and Press Conferences

To help our organization and brands showcase their experiences, we provide

  • Concept Design

  • Operations and Logistics Services

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • ost Events Analysis

 Generated Services

  • Concept Design and Implementation

  • Venue Selection

  • Production

  • Logistics & Operations

  • Public and Media Reaction

  • Research

Experience Genres

  • Experiential

  • Conference

  • Roadshows and Exhibitions

  • Digital

  • VR

  • Press Conferences

  • Cultural Events


Share Creative Insights - MediA

Katalyze believes in sharing outcome-oriented creative insights via our virtual community, digital platform and through leadership gatherings under the “Kajiji Kommons” platform. Through the media platform,  we aim to communicate the essence of a brand , be it an individual, service, or product. We provide guidance and support for rising influencers to activate and grow their brand and social media platforms. In addition, we collaborate with creative agencies  to craft customized content that reflects a striking and authentic vision of the client's brand. 

We love our homes, they provide comfort and a sense of security. Thus, we want to create a big happy home for content, content creators, and anyone who loves content as much we do. Our talent generation looks at:

  • Talent Recruitment and Management  
  • Content Development
  • Brand Representation
  • Digital Media Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Production

We look at solid data to measure short and long term results:

  • Influencer Network
  • Branded Content
  • Data Analytics
  • Brand Endorsements

Talent  Generation

  • Influencer Representation and Management
  • Brand Collaboration
  • Content Development
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing

Generated Effect

  • Raise Awareness and engagement
  • Talent casting for the campaign
  • Campaign Execution