We activate, accelerate and implement.

Katalyze is a full-service catalyst agency. We will work hand in hand with you to activate and create custom-made solutions for your unique organizational needs.

Be it consultancy, training, event management, or media, we have an eager, talented, and creative team that will support you from ideation to implementation.


Design Creative Solutions - Consultancy

We are passionate about initiatives that creative positive potential and high impact.  Through designing creative solutions, we provide strategic consultancy to create high impact human-inspired designs. We work hand in hand with entities to transform their ideas into actions which lead to long- lasting and sustainable solutions. READ MORE  

Enable Creative Potential - Training

We put our heart in everything we do. By enabling creative potential, we provide Design Thinking and LEAN methodology tools and framework for our clients' brands. By equipping them with a creative tool box to resolve challenges within and outside their organization, we believe in entrusting their creativity to develop their own values. READ MORE


Amplify Creative Experience - Events

We love making new friends from all over the world. We want our clients and brands to have the same opportunity. Through Amplifying Creative Experiences,  we rely on traditional and virtual space to curate a common ground that connects people, brands, and their stories. We work with the government, private and public sectors to amplify their initiatives be it through a small scale team building workshop to a large scale conference. READ MORE

Share Creative Insights - Media

We are storytellers and bookworms. We believe that everything has a story that deserves to be told in the most beautiful way possible. Success stories are based on deep emotions, yet they carefully follow an artfully crafted strategic plot line. Through exchanging creative insights, we aim to share the brands stories. We created a media platform that enables brands to imagine, design, create and distribute their unique and personal vision narrative.  READ MORE



We have an implicit belief in the infinite capacity for people from all walks of life to aspire, create and promote the common good. As such Katalyze commits to ensuring that 51% of profits are provided directly to alleviating the plight of refugees globally.